Hair Transplants – A Closer Look at the Origin of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant horror stories are not new; in fact, they’re more widespread than meets the eye. Many people suffer hair loss and the factors vary. The problem is that individuals don’t fully understand the cause which easily results in horror hair surgery reports. Ten, twenty years ago, very few individuals were having transplants. The treatment options were not that sophisticated, and lots of individuals had uncertainties that they were efficient. That was until popular famous people decided to try it out. Even Italy’s renowned Silvio Berlusconi chose to give the treatment a try. Hair transplantation surgery is not your ordinary type of operation; although specialists have proved to be a lot more effective than standard treatment methods for baldness, such as exclusive hair shampoos or lotions.

Intriguing details about hair surgery

The origins of hair transplant surgery stem from Japanese dermatologist, Dr. Okuda, who in 1939 shared a revolutionary approach in a Japanese medical paper of making use of small implants that were very similar to the way hair transplant surgery is done today.

This procedure required employing hair transplant grafts to adjust lost hair from various body areas, including the head, eyebrow, and moustache regions. Step by step, physicians gave up making use of sizeable chunks of hair; they started utilizing micrografts that were much more mild, and refined.

Hair transplantation surgery Surgical treatment – Various Sorts

There are two primary methods of Follicular unit fue hair transplant singapore. Follicular unit Hair transplant popularly known as FUT or ‘strip surgery’ and Follicular unit extraction, typically referred to as FUE; the real difference is the technique of taking out the transplanted hair.


The intervention involves taking grafts from parts with a lot of hair and plant them in areas with hardly any hair (usually the top or front of the head). If the patient needs a larger zone covered, FUT is the most suggested method since it is also the most convenient. In case you’re concerned that FUT will leave visible marks, then you could go with FUE (follicular unit extract), which is a significantly less invasive intervention. Contrary to what people might say, both of these methods entail scarring.

What Is The Cost For Hair transplantation surgery?

Does less costly mean superior?

Contrary to popular belief, even if hair transplantation is a luxurious form of beauty procedure, many people look for the more practical choice; these people usually come from countries such as Thailand, Pakistan and India, as well as from Eastern Europe.

You are advised to give hair transplantation surgery a try; although make certain you have employed the non-invasive alternatives first. If you wish to have hair transplantation surgical treatment, search for a doctor in whom you can open up to. Only a pro will be able to help you out; then spend time evaluating price ranging, and finally, choose between the two main forms of treatment options the one that best matches with your situation. There’s really no point in saving money if you’re going to live your life with a damaged scalp. That’s why you should pay more attention when choosing a medical professional.

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